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      The Visa for Canada

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The Visa for Canada Documents

For people wishing to settle in another Canadian province (Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, etc.) where the language of use is English, the process is simple.

Indeed, the application for immigration is studied directly by the Canadian services of the immigration of the Embassy of Canada being territorial competent on their home country. Thus the stage of Quebec, just as the certificate of selection do not exist any more.

There are two lawful types of obligatory fees of immigration: The non-refundable fees of treatment which vary according to the age of the immigration candidate and fees of establishment which are refundable if the application is refused. These fees can be modified without any notice by governmental decree.

Once the payment is carried out, immigration services examine the application to ensure all required criteria has been provided, such as studies, training, professional experience, knowledge of English or French languages, financial autonomy, etc. If the immigration adviser estimates that the candidate is likely to succeed in being integrated professionally into Canada, he will forward to the applicant a convocation to an interview which will take place at the address indicated, generally the Embassy of Canada of the home country of the candidate. The purpose of the interview is to make it possible to the adviser to note serious motivation of the candidate and to check the original documents: diplomas, certificates of work, passport, proof of possession of funds for financial autonomy, etc.

If the adviser thinks that the candidate answers all the lawful requirements, it gives to him on the spot or forwards to him a letter containing a medical file. The customer must carry out medical examinations near the appointed doctor, indicated in the file.

After reception of these results, immigration services carries out a security investigation into the candidate with the police authorities of the country of the candidate (note: the security investigation is carried out in all the countries where the candidate resided more than three months). If this security investigation proves to be positive, i.e. the candidate did not make serious criminal acts, then the Canadian immigration service forwards to the lawyer of the candidate the Canadian visa of permanent residence which will enable him to come to settle in Canada inside the time of validity of the visa.


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Since the candidate is represented by a lawyer appointed with the file, it is the lawyer who will receive all the documents: convocations, complementary requests for information, all other documents. The lawyer will then give them to the customer.




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