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Representation by immigration authorities:
It is important that all future candidates follow all the necessary stages in the constitution of their file which must be filled in accordance with the Law on immigration (of Quebec and/or Canada). Failure to conform to said stages inevitably involves the rejection of the request or a considerable delay. The Embassies of Canada and the Immigration department of Quebec receive thousands of requests for permanent residence and only those which are absolutely in conformity with the process explained in this text will be treated. It is important that the applicant has their file taken charge by a lawyer practising in Quebec (i.e. In Canada, for obvious reasons of jurisdiction), and who is familiar with the Law of immigration and keeps up to date with the changes in the legislature and law and is able to challenge the Canadian courts for failures with the Law.

It is thus a legal pledge of safety to be represented by a Canadian lawyer in order to increase his/her chances. It is very important for the client to reflect upon and weigh their decision as it implies immigration to another country and certain other consequences. Applicants must be aware that the lawyer is a professional, legally bounded to act upon their behalf. As such the applicant must be aware that there are legal and financial consequences which result from this. For the client who agrees to entrust us with this mandate to represent them, our office offers them a complete treatment of their file. We treat as a preliminary the file of the candidate, we check his conformity with the requirements of the Law and its regulations and we territorially carry out the representations necessary near the Canadian and/or Quebecois services qualified. A copy of the treated file is transmitted to the client, for later reference.

Our office offers, if need be and at the written request of the client, after the signature of a mandate of professional services consequent, legal follow-up, i.e. we will take all the recourses suitable in terms of the political forums, administrative, quasi-legal or legal qualified: ministries, courts, commissions, etc, when the decision is sullied with a vice low register, arbitrary, unreasonable, discriminatory or quite simply if the officer with immigration refuses to give a justifiable decision. For our professional clients (engineers, technologists, etc.) who wish our assistance for the inscription with the professional corporations required by the Law and Regulations, our office is ready to take the steps necessary insofar as the fees of admission are assumed and paid by the clients.

Duration of the treatment of the file:
The treatment of the file by immigration services depends on several factors, in particular: the number of requests received by the Canadian Embassies and the Immigration department of Quebec, the fluctuations of the national policy (Canada-Quebec) and international immigration refugees, the number of priority files belonging to the category of the family and the investors, the number of immigration officers available and finally the specific file of the candidate for study and the checking of the criminal and security antecedents having to be carried out in the country of origin, the country of studies (if different) and in the current home country (if different from the country of birth). Moreover, for those applicants who intend to establish in Quebec, it is also necessary to add the clean treatment by the Service of immigration of Quebec before the transmission of the file to the Canadian service of qualified visas.

In general, insofar as each client collaborates very quickly (i.e. they transmit immediately and without delay all required information) then their file will be treated quickly. However, if the client fails to carefully complete the forms which are transmitted to them, if the information which the forms communicate is incomplete (i.e. absence of obligatory information) or if they unduly delay the transmission of information, then that has consequences over the duration of treatment of the file. As a general rule the immigration officers of Quebec and Canada do all that is possible to treat the immigration files quickly. The slowness of treatment of a file is entirely ascribable to the specificity of the file itself, either because it misses information or because criminal, security or medical information was not obtained, or by what the medical examination must be thorough, or for other administrative reasons.

First installation and travelling expenses in Canada:
All travelling fees and expenses are the responsibility of the immigrant and they will have to assume them fully. Moreover, it is necessary to envisage housing and living expenses for the first year while waiting to find suitable employment. Pre-immigration financial planning should be made to deal with these expenses up until the time gainful employment may be found in the new country.

Citizenship and installation in Canada:
To become a Canadian citizen, it is necessary to be a permanent resident of Canada for three years and to make a formal request. The formalities are very simple and you do not lose your nationality of origin. As for the installation in Canada (i.e. housing) the rental market in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and elsewhere is considerable and accessible. All the residences have a minimum of comfort: heating, hot water, refrigerating, cooker, bathroom. The installation of a telephone requires only one or two days since the Canadian telephone system is generalized. Many residences are furnished.

The immigration file:
The documents which are required of you are necessary to prepare your file which will be given to the immigration authorities of Quebec and Canada. This is why it is necessary to transmit to our office all the documents and parts requested as soon as possible. Moreover, you must fill out the immigration forms with the greatest of care and answer all the questions without omitting any. It is necessary to explain if you carried out military service (if necessary, with the dates of entry and exit), if you were member of a cultural or trade-union organization. Lastly, it is necessary to indicate with precision your addresses of residence during the ten last years in order to allow the examination of your criminal antecedents (criminal and security investigation). Moreover, it is imperative to also indicate the amount of money in your possession at the time of your arrival to Canada (or to ask your lawyer to do it for you). If you neglect this, your file will be then incomplete, and additional time will be necessary to correct the situation. This means that the treatment of your file will be delayed because of your negligence.
Any request for immigration into Canada must be carefully reflected in terms of human and financial investment. This is why our office recommends to the future immigrant to read the present information with the greatest of attention and to contact our office if it proves to be necessary. Our office will do all in its power to be of maximum assistance to you.

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