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Financial Autonomy Evidence

With their arrival in Canada and Quebec, candidatse must be able to provide for their selves all essential needs (food, housing, etc.) during one three month period in Quebec and/or one twelve month period in Canada. According to the size of the family (unmarried candidate, candidate married without child or candidate married with several children) the amount of financial savings associated with their acceptance to Canada vary.

There are scales which are promulgated each year by the Government of Quebec and Canada of which the lawyer in charge of your file is well-informed. It is thus your lawyer who will inform you of the amount to be had to satisfy the criterion of financial autonomy.

If candidates does not provide evidence that is satisfactory to the immigration officer relative to their financial autonomy they will be refused.

At the time of the selection interview the immigration officer will check your financial resources and their availability.

This means that the immigration officer must be convinced without a doubt that you have sufficient funds and that these funds are available for your arrival in Canada.

The criterion of financial autonomy is used to determine motivation and will of the future permanent resident to assume with responsibility the necessary steps for immigration.

Candidates who will depend on Immigration Canada as a “lifesaver” for their essential needs will pose an obvious problem and, undoubtedly, will be refused.

This is why any step related to a project of immigrating to Canada must be maturely considered, in particular with regards to the financial aspect that it implies. This means that the prospective future permanent resident must be able to financially assume all his immigration projects and to have the means necessary to achieve them.


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Evidence that supports financial autonomy:

How to prove that one has sufficient funds to respect the criteria of financial autonomy?

Here by way of example is some satisfactory evidence that complies with the criterion of financial autonomy:

Financial institutions:

  • Last three months bank statements, with a sufficient credit balance.
  • A booklet of saving.
  • A plan of saving.
  • Certificates of placements, bank deposits, real property, publicly traded stocks and other investments, business, pension and other assets, etc.

Personal goods:

  • Properties, values, etc, whose sale is envisaged before the departure to Canada.

Commercial, industrial or agricultural goods:

  • Company, trade, grounds. 

Evidence of credits:

  • Titles or certificates of properties with official evaluation produced by an approved appraiser, for example: real goods, land goods.
  • A family help proven by official documents: banking certificates, official financial documents, etc.


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