Immigrate to Canada
      Services and Fees

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Services Fees

Our office offers the following services:

For candidates who wish to immigrate to Canada:

The integral assumption of responsibility of your request for immigration near the Quebecois and Canadian immigration authorities until the delivery of the visa of permanent residence of Canada. It is this visa which will enable you to legally enter Canada and to live there permanently and to carry out all your personal and professional objectives.

For those who are Canadian residents:

After a consultation in my office, the resolution of your particular problem: resort in front of the administrative court for a request for sponsorship refused, recourse in front of the administrative or legal courts for the other cases.


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Fees and expenses:
Governmental rights of immigration, legal expenses and honorary professionals are the responsibility of the client.

Indeed, all expenses necessary to the realization of your right: ask permanent residence of Canada or recourse in front of a court is the responsibility of the client. Applicants must assume the payment of all the fees and expenses which are required of them.

The Governments of Quebec and Canada require obligatory fees of immigration for the treatment of their request. Moreover, the client must assume the legal expenses involved in the treatment of his file: management, administration, documentation, stamping, telephone, etc.



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