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      Occupations listed

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Occupations listed  

Occupations listed by The Federal Regulations


- Financial Managers

- Computer and Information Systems Managers

- Managers in Health Care

- Restaurant and Food Service Managers

- Accommodation Service Managers

- Construction Managers

- Financial Auditors and Accountants

- Geologists, Geochemists and Geophysicists

- Mining Engineers

- Geological Engineers

- Petroleum Engineers

- Specialist Physicians

- General Practitioners and Family Physicians

- Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists

- Occupational Therapists

- Physiotherapists

- Head Nurses and Supervisors

- Registered Nurses

- Medical Radiation Technologists

- Licensed Practical Nurses

- University Professors

- College and Other Vocational Instructors

- Chefs

- Cooks

- Contractors and Supervisors, Pipefitting Trades

- Contractors and Supervisors, Carpentry Trades

- Contractors and Supervisors, Heavy Construction
   Equipment Crews

- Electricians (Except Industrial and Power System)

- Industrial Electricians

- Plumbers

- Steamfitters, Pipe fitters and Sprinkler System Installers

- Welders and Related Machine Operators

- Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics

- Crane Operators

- Drillers and Blasters – Surface Mining,
   Quarrying and Construction

- Supervisors, Mining and Quarrying

- Supervisors, Oil and Gas Drilling and Service

- Supervisors, Petroleum, Gas and Chemical Processing
   and Utilities

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