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Immigration Law Your rights

The entry and stay in Canada are subjected to the conditions of the Law on immigration (Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations). This determines and fixes all the conditions of entry, stay and return to Canada.

The implementing regulations of this Law fix with precision the framework in which this Law must be applied by all. It is thus important to conform to the Law and all its Regulations to be able to immigrate to Canada in the strictest legality.

The Courts intervene to fix a jurisprudential framework of exercise of the Laws and Regulations. It is thus to say that the interpretation of the Law on immigration must be in agreement with the decisions of the Canadian courts which are the interpreters of the Laws and the Constitution of Canada, Law main and fundamental which contains a Charter of the rights and freedoms of the person.

The Constitution of Canada formally prohibits any discrimination based on race, ethnicity or gender. This means that all people, despite their country of origin or sex, have the same rights.


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Any person, despite their gender, can make a request for immigration into Canada and will be treated in a way that respects their rights and equitability by the officer in charge of immigration in the Embassies, the Consulates or the Services of immigration of Quebec, both in Canada and abroad.



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