Immigrate to Canada
      Documents Required

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Documents Required Using E-mail

Important documents required for demand of permanent residency:

To make their request, each client must send, by D.H.L. International, a priority post letter or registered letter or e-mail to the address : daho@visaexpresscanada.com that includes a complete detailed curriculum vitae including the following information:

  • Birthplace, date of birth, exact present address, telephone number, Fax number and e-mail address.
  • Indicate the number of dependant children, their age and their occupation.
  • List all diplomas obtained.
  • Your current employment and the exact description of your work.
  • Your knowledge of languages: French, English, other. Indicate the level of proficiency: average, good or excellent.
  • Indicate if you want to settle in French-speaking Quebec or in the remainder of Anglophone Canada.
  • If you are married, you must also send a detailed curriculum vitae of your partner (spouse, common-law partner, husband) and you must provide the same information indicated above for your partner (spouse, common-law partner, husband). This is obligatory.



Please note:

If you use e-mail, you must send this information directly in the body of the message. You should not join parts, because they will not be open due to the data-processing viruses (thus no attachements of C.V.’s, documents, texts, etc. All information must be in body of text).


Your E-mail address must be a valid one and be operational.

Please let us know any changes of your E-mail address, street address or telephone number. It's important to keep contact all the time.


Bank account information

Here is the information concerning any payment which are done ONLY by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) using the SWIFT system through our bank account in Canada.
Here are the exact transaction details:

  - Bank : ROYAL BANK OF CANADA (RBC), N°5, Complexe Desjardins,
             Montreal, H5B 1B4, Canada.
  - Account Number : 5253018
  - Transit Number: 05181
  - RBC Number: 003
  - Code Swift Number : ROYCCAT2
  - American Routing Number (ABA) : 021000021
  - For the account of : Mr. DAHO MOKHTAR, Lawyer
  - Corresponding bank in USA : JP MORGAN CHASE BANK, New-York

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